This Event is a two-man team, match play event.

The first 16 two-man teams to register by the deadline will be included in the field.


  • Entry deadline is May 15th.
  • Fee: $100.00 cash entry per team. Purse will be paid in cash.


  • Brackets will be available May 18th. Matches may begin Saturday, May 21st.
  • Teams are responsible for scheduling their own matches. Deadline dates will be posted.
  • If the match has not been completed in the allotted time, the match will be decided by the flip of a coin. If there is a clear lack of effort to play the match by one side, the match will be decided by forfeit.


  • Seeding will be done by blind draw.
  • Matches will be played off the lowest player’s handicap in the group, based off 90%.
  • You do NOT have to be a member of the club but you must have a valid handicap.
  • Non-members will pay the appropriate daily rate.
  • The Tournament Committee may adjust handicaps at any point based on tournament scores.
  • This is a double elimination competition. The team that comes out of the losers bracket will have to defeat the team that comes out of the winners bracket twice.
  • Men will compete from the White Tees. However, anyone 60+ may choose to play from the Gold Tees with the proper USGA handicap reduction. The USGA handicap reduction policy will be used for all players competing from a different set of tees.
  • Hole by hole handicaps (strokes) will be marked from the white tees.
    • Players must decide on the tees they’re playing upon registration. If no tee is selected then player will be assigned the White Tees.
    • Teams are not considered “signed up” until the $100 cash entry fee is paid in full.
    • You must be 18 years of age and older to participate.

Sign Up In the Golf Shop or Call (419) 289-3767